Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spring time coasters

Here's a lovely little coaster pattern I found as I searched a crocheting website looking at different projects. Aren't they just sweet? So simple, yet cheery.  I can't wait till I have a few minutes to sit and make a few to sell at a new consignment shop around the corner from me.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Free Pattern Maker

I have been searching periodically for quite some time where I could take a picture and have it changed into a cross stitch pattern, and I finally found it!

However, my purpose is not to create a cross stitch with it, but rather a crocheted afghan using single crochet and changing colors throughout it. I have made a smaller scale item transferring a picture onto graph paper myself, but an entire afghan with  a picture was way out of my league!

So I searched, and prayed, and hoped, and searched, and prayed some more.  I knew what I was looking for was out there, yet couldn't find it.

Well, I was looking again on the internet last night, and boom! There is was!  (Kinda makes me wonder why I never could find anything before, but alas! I found it! And its even FREE! 

The sunset is a picture I am planning on making sometime, but I first need to get a picture and get started on the project  of my original intent-my beautiful church.

This is the only possible workable picture I had, so I tried it,  but sad to say, it will not work. There is not enough contrast between the steeple and the sky, and there are too many shadows along the front and sides. The pattern this picture created did not appear that it would work too well, so I need to keep trying others.

I had taken a few pictures of the church at dusk a while back. I need to find them, download them, and give them a try.  It was taken pretty much strait on, the stark white steeple contrasted nicely against the darkened twilight sky, and all the lights were on inside and outside the church, accenting nicely the architecture of the church. I don't think there are quite so many variations and shades in the colors as well, so I'm thinking the overall colors in the pattern would be more simpler, without all the shading, giving the afghans overall appearance a more commanding presence, with less eye movement going on for the viewer. Normally I like to create items with the latter in mind, but I don't wish to do so with this one. I just want to picture to "POP" of the afghan,  and make a commanding first impression.  Since I am purposing to make it as a gift to the church, I am hoping it will be displayed in its front foyer as a wall hanging out of honor for the church and all those who have served there, but we shall see.

***When using the website, be sure to remember to save the list of all the colors for the pattern BEFORE you click the link to download the pattern-YOU DO NOT GET AN ITEMIZED LIST OF NAMES OF THE RECOMMENDED COLORS AND THE CORRELATED NUMBERS ONCE YOU DO SO!  


And so begins another chapter in my life of crocheting.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Morning Glory Doily

Here is a lovely doily/motif pattern I found on Ravelry.  When I attempted to copy the pattern for myself, I could not, so I am posting the link here to share with you, as well as for my enjoyment when I get around to making a few of these.