Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Dress for Baby

Nothing says precious like this Angel Wings Christmas Dress!!!!!

 Wouldn't you agree?? 

I am so excited to offer this dress for sale just in time for Christmas!
This is my absolute favorite little girls dress!

This beautiful baby girl's dress is made with silky soft warm acrylic yarn with a beautiful sheen and luster to it. A double layered white flower in the front center of the dress is accented with a pink rose bud attached to its middle.The back of the dress has a buttoned opening approximately 2 1/2" in length for easy on/easy off dressing. Sized 1-2T.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011



Free is great, right? What if it is for yarn? Even better? 

But Naturally Caron's JOY! yarn? 

YES!!!!!  That is best!


And allfreecrochet is giving you an opportunity to win not one but three skeins of Naturally Caron Joy! Bluebird yarn AND one Tulip Etimo crochet hook!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Newest Product Releases

I've just finished up adding a few more listings available for sale in time for Christmas and here they are! 

 (Click directly on any of the titles to view their full listing and purchase information)


This year's most popular seller!
Hand crocheted owl hat-made with time and attention to every detail




One size fits from newborn to teen!



***All these items can be custom made in colors and sizes of your choosing! WHOO on your list would love a hand picked, hand made gift made just for them?***

Thursday, December 1, 2011



Take advantage of this limited offer-
Good for the entire month of December!
***Great gift giving opportunity***

-For yourself
-For that avid crocheter in your life

 All my patterns come with 100% support 
Easy to read, complete instructions for all stitches used 

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I ran across some crocheting jokes on the web today and thought to share them with you!     

1.   What do you call a bunch of crocheters working by the side of the road?
          Answer:  A chain gang!

2.    What did the little crocheter dress up as for Halloween?
          Answer: Captain Hook!                                

3.    What happened to the cat who ate a ball of yarn?
Answer: She had mittens!                                   

4.   What do you call the steps it takes to learn to crochet?
     Answer:  A chain of events!

5.   How can you tell when you've had too much coffee?
     Answer: When you've just finished knitting your third sweater in a week, and you don't even know *how* to knit!!

6.    What did the invisible man make when he learned to crochet?
      Answer:  An afghan like you've never seen!

7.   What did the crocheter say when her doily thread got tangled up? Answer:  "I guess that's what happens when bad strings happen to good people"!

8.   Which is more dangerous...a drunk driver or someone who tries to crochet while driving?
     Answer: The least the drunk is *trying* to drive!

9. Wool is a favorite material to use in yarn, and everyone knows that wool yarn comes from sheep. But do you know how many sheep it takes to make a whole sweater?
     Answer: None, because sheep can't crochet!

10. Why could a crocheter never be Prime Minister?
     Answer: Because she would keep too much yarn in her Cabinet!

11. Things you never hear a crocheter saying:
...A baby shower tomorrow? I'd better just buy something.
...I've got enough yarn.
...I don't need it. I already have a pattern for an afghan (sweater, name it!)

12. A woman walks into a yarn store and asks for a length of wool yarn. The shopkeeper asks ,"How long do you need it?" The lady, new to the hobby of crochet, thought it over, then responded, "I guess I'll need it for a pretty long time. I'm going to make a sweater!"

13.Why did Mary lay Jesus in a manger?
     Answer:  She hadn't finished crocheting his layette yet!

14. What do you call a group of imprisoned crocheters?
     Answer:  A chain gang!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Group Project

A few months ago, I began teaching a group of ladies from my church how to crochet with the intent of starting a new unofficial ministry.
  This is a picture of our first (unfinished) project at a recent baby shower for a woman at our church.
  The ladies had just started really getting the hang of some basic stitches when suddenly, within the hustle and bustle of things during a three week break we had to take, came the announcement of a baby shower for a baby that isn't due till February. EEK! I had forgotten that a winter baby such as this one usually gets a shower BEFORE the busyness of the Christmas Season begins at our church.
  I quickly gathered together the squares the ladies had already made, summonsed those whom I could throw some extra work at, had a day of crocheting with a few of them, and the race was on! That was Monday, and the shower was Thursday! Would we make it in time to at least have enough done on it so as to be able to present it to her?
With willing hands, those ladies stitched, I worked on my bobble squares and began joining everything together. Even my ten year old daughter (whom  had begun crocheting last year with me but had lost interest) wanted to join in and make a square for her junior church teacher! Yay! To keep the size and shape of her square, and to allow me to inspect for any errors that would be too sorely apparent to leave in the square she so proudly worked on, she would crochet one row, I the next. If I found an error that just cried for correction, I would show it to her, rip out stitches to that point, and she would do it over. Occasionally, if she accidentally put two stitches in one space, I would simply sc2tog on the next row at that spot to bring the count of the row of stitches back where it should be. She was so proud to have been able to have her one square to added to the project! With great excitement and building anticipation, she eagerly awaited at the shower for our gift bag's turn to be presented and opened!!
  With two rows left to add on, along with the border, this gift was presented to her amidst OOh's and AAh's from around the room and the 60 or so ladies present at the shower. I am so proud of how well all the ladies are doing, and their enthusiasm for learning.
  Made with Lion Brands Pound of Love and Caron's Pound, this blanket has a beautiful stretch, texture, and weight to it, and (not purposely, might I add) will be large enough for the growing girl to use on a twin sized bed when she is older if desired.
   Many hands make light work, and such a project was so fun to do as we ladies were able to spend time together sharing, learning, and working together to make a special something for a special someone.
  We have two more projects in the making now....but that will be for another time! ;)
  Till then, remember....God is good...all the time!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

These are photos of some recent items I have made and/or designed these past months. Many are up for sale or will be in the near future on my Etsy.

A special request item for my son away at college I finished recently. Isn't he a cutie??!

This bib is an original design of mine-a very popular one that has received a lot of comments concerning a pattern-something I hope to get written up soon for all those who have asked about it.

A larger version of  my "Striped Baby Hat" pattern as featured on ALLFREECROCHET's newsletter and blog. Pattern is available here on my blog, for free.

Click here to read my featured article written for the publication of this hat pattern 

Here is the matching scarf I later made to complete the hat and mittens set for adults

Thick and chunky

An Old Fashioned Hoodie/Scarf designed by me, modeled by my beautiful little daughter
A Colorful rug made with Vanna's Choice Yarns, single crochet double stranded worked in the round. Was made for my daughter with colors of her choosing for her room, but it seems to make it's way around the house! lol. I really love the rug, and need to make more for each room!

Simple ballet style wool slippers designed by me. My favorite!
So simple, yet comfy and warm!

Christmas Stocking for Baby

A Bib for Baby's First Birthday

Pink Shelled Hat for baby-an original design of mine

Another Original design of mine, "Winter Wonderland" in white chunky yarn. Pattern for hat and scarf is for sale on my Etsy. Fingerless gloves pattern not yet available.

  I just love the texture created by these puff stitches!

A sweet matching hat and slipper set for baby

Yarn is pre-patterned and helps create a simple, beautiful article.
Diaper Cover for Baby

Simple, yet so very cute!


Here are a few more photos of the pink baby hat in better lighting:

 Last but not least, a Baby sweater made in variegated pink, brown, and natural yarn.I am sorry the pictures do not do this sweet outfit justice. The variegated colors makes the outfit's colors appear too spotted, but in reality it is a beautiful garment.
 Here, showing the scalloped hat I designed that co-ordinates with the sweater.

So sweet.