Thursday, August 25, 2011

Choir Special at our Church's recent annual prophesy conderence

Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Special

Well, this week kicks off our Church's 13th Annual New England Bible Prophesy Conference, which is broadcasted live via internet through Steve Brown Ministries. My friend (on the right playing recorder-playing first solo part) and I (on the left playing flute-2nd solo part) had the privilege of playing for the evening offertory Sunday night. Someone was kind enough to record a small portion of it and send it to me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well, here it is-the project I had been working on last time I posted.

A simple baby sweater with a playful touch.

Modeled by a little cutie.
I knew this color would look smashing next to the baby blues on this little guy!

Click here to view this listing for sale on my Etsy

Since I've made this, I have made a few other baby sweaters, and have designed a few more little girl hats, as well as a lacey head covering out of natural tan and brown flecked yarn. Very pretty, but needs more alterations. I have more pictures to follow-hopefully.
Here's to hoping I get a new camera soon so I can start posting new pictures and posting new sale items on my Etsy quicker than I have been lately. I guess as they say-all in good time.
Off to another day of busyness. That's all for now!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Much Ease Should You Should Put in Your Knitted or Crocheted Garment?

With all sweater patterns, the amount of "ease" or looseness is a personal preference. Negative ease is a measurement smaller than your body measurement to create a tight fitting garment. Positive ease is a measurement larger than your body for a looser fit. The best way to decide on any size is to measure a sweater that you own (whose fit you like) and check the pattern schematic or measurements to choose a size you like.

Here's a general fit guideline:

Very close = 0 ease

Close Fit = chest + 1 - 2 inches ease

Standard Fit = chest + 2 - 4 inches ease

Lose Fit = chest + 4 - 6 inches ease

Oversized = chest + 6 inches and up

Compliments of Lion Brand's Website

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