Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well, here it is-the project I had been working on last time I posted.

A simple baby sweater with a playful touch.

Modeled by a little cutie.
I knew this color would look smashing next to the baby blues on this little guy!

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Since I've made this, I have made a few other baby sweaters, and have designed a few more little girl hats, as well as a lacey head covering out of natural tan and brown flecked yarn. Very pretty, but needs more alterations. I have more pictures to follow-hopefully.
Here's to hoping I get a new camera soon so I can start posting new pictures and posting new sale items on my Etsy quicker than I have been lately. I guess as they say-all in good time.
Off to another day of busyness. That's all for now!

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