Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Basic Crochet Headband for Baby

   This simple pattern for a basic headband works up quickly, and by following a few simple steps, can easily be adapted for any length and width desired

  The pattern calls for a size G crochet hook and Bernat Baby Sport Yarn for a delicate finished product that is perfect for a newborn, but any sized hook and co-coordinating yarn weight can be used creating varied looks specific to your needs!


Chain a beginning foundation row in multiples of 3,  13" long or to desired length. Join with a slip stitch to the back of the first chain, going through one loop only.  (See figure 1 below)

 **You want to be sure the chain is straitened out when measured, but not stretched to full capacity. This will ensure the headband will fit the size you are intending it to fit, but will also allow room for growth and continued future use. 

Row 1:  
 (Right side)
 Ch 1, hdc in back stitch of next ch, *ch 1, sk 1 ch, hdc in back of next 2 ch; repeat from * around.  Join w/ sl st to top of 1st hdc. (see figure 2)

(figure 1)
Note the 2 hdc's of row 1 and the ch-1, sk-1 sp created as well as the back loops of the foundation chain: The spaces indicated where you are to be working in.

(figure 2)

Note the arrow and hook indicating where to join row 1 together.

Row 2: 
  Sl st into ch-1 sp, ch 2, hdc in same ch-1 sp, *ch 1, 2 hdc in next ch 1 sp; repeat from * around. Join w/ sl st to 2nd ch of beg ch 2. Finish off.

 If you wish to create a wider headband, DO NOT FINISH OFF at this point. Continue to repeat row 2 until your headband is half the desired width, then finish off, making a mental note of the number of times you worked row 2.

Row 3: 
 Turn the headband upside down now so that row 2 is now at the bottom. With right side facing, on the backside of the beginning foundation chain (the unworked side), join yarn w/ sl st in any unworked ch-1 sp. Ch 2, hdc in same ch-1 sp,* ch 1, 2 hdc in next ch-1 sp; repeat from * around. Join w/ sl st to 2nd ch of beg ch 2. Finish off, & weave in all ends.

Your basic 3-row headband should now look like this:

   If you followed row 2 more than once, continue to repeat row 3 at this point the exact number of times as you did for row 2, then finish off & weave in all ends.

 You now have a pretty little headband ready for wear! Leave as is or embellish as desired with crocheted flowers or with flowers such as are pictured here, made by  Joli Good Flowers.

Have a LOVEly day everyone!
Love all you do, and those you have, with all your heart!


Monday, March 12, 2012

A Group Project Gone Great

Since October I have been teaching a group of ladies, as well as working with others, towards a goal of making two afghans for our Pastor and His wife as a special "We love you" gift. Well, this past Friday marked the 37th year anniversary of our church, and I had the privilege to present both of these beautiful afghans this past Sunday to our Pastor's wife as a small token of our love and gratitude to both of them for their many years of dedication, love,  and sacrifice they so faithfully have given throughout all these many years.

  Funds were donated by those who were willing to give towards the project, and once all the materials were gathered, we began our meetings on Friday nights at my home. We met on many days and evenings working and crocheting and learning and laughing and sharing and stumbling (and eating), but through it all, some new talent was discovered along the way, new friendships forged, a new sense of unity and sisterly love and understanding among us grew, and two beautiful gifts were created  for two very special people. 
Aren't they absolutely stunning?

This was the first group project I led that I actually had to teach a group of ladies to crochet all at one time, with (somewhat of) a deadline, with an actual intended end and goal in mind.

Could  it be done?????  

 This afghan was started on first. As I began teaching those who did not know how to crochet, those who already knew how to crochet were given their assignments and yarn, and after some brief coaching, began their work at home. They joined us during the lesson times and worked on their squares while the others learned, and would step in and help when someone was stuck and I was busy with someone else. As their squares were finished, they were handed over to me, and the afghan would be sewn together as the squares permitted during my own time.

  Once we began to make headway, the next one was started.  Those who took to crocheting easily, and those who had time to work at home on their projects with sufficient skill, took home their own assignments by this time.  And still others joined in on the crocheting to contribute.

Between these two afghans being started, there was even another one made for a baby shower, and some of my newbies who had just mastered their single crochet, and some who had already mastered the granny square took part in this one! Even my ten year old willingly created a square for her church class teacher's soon to be born bundle of love!

Baby shower now over, the winter holidays came and went,  during which time we did not meet, killing the wonderful momentum that had quite wonderfully developed in the beginning. Life eventually settled back down into a somewhat predictable pattern again, as did our meetings. But for me, with four children still living at home, homeschooling one, being a crochet "addict" by default, and being an active member of my church,  time can fly by so quickly! It soon came down to the final week before I had planned to present them, and there was still a row and a half that needed to be sewn together on the final afghan, and many ends still not weaved in on both of them, and the border to put on one!!!!

 Did I stress? Did I panic? 


 Although I had done this part on my own in other past group projects, I realized I needed yet another lesson in the fine art of delegating.  I was able to gather three ladies that were available one afternoon, and 9 1/2 hours total of laboring at weaving in those lovely little ends passed away in one lovely afternoon over girl talk, coffee, tea, soda, strawberries, cheese and crackers, Oreo cookies, and my favorite-entertaining a little red head. 

The afghans were presented- fully completed- and on time! 
As I presented them to our Pastor's wife, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for all the time and energy and love and sacrifices she and her husband has given these so many years selflessly to our church and the many people who have walked through its doors.
It has been 37 years, and knowing this is going to be the last anniversary celebrated before Pastor retires, I was grateful and humbled to be able to stand before her and present her the gifts. As her eyes filled with tears, mine started to as well. A few words were said in honor of all they have done and given, and the afghans held up and presented. 

I slept well that night, feeling full, blessed, happy, and relieved, knowing that the project was finally completed and over with.


I woke up the next morning already having started planning the next project in my head

Can you relate????

Have a LOVEly day everyone!
Love all you do, and those you have, with all your heart!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Newborn Baby Gown and Then Some

   So, what is the usual reaction when a crocheter or knitter hears of a new baby on the way? They grab their hooks, needles, and yarn, and begin creating, of course!

  And that is just what I did for a young woman at my church who 
 was to have her first baby!
 Well, the baby has just been born, and I cannot take the suspense any more of not sharing my photos of my newest pattern now in the works-inspired by the little miss born last week!

 She will be getting her bag full of goodies I have crocheted for her tomorrow, so hopefully Momma isn't up in the middle of the night tonight, searching the internet for soon to be received gifts from well wishers. My instincts tell me that isn't going to happen, so I think I'm safe sharing this now.

As I thought of what I wanted to make for her, I thought back to my first days at home with my new babies, and memories came to me of those sweet little baby gowns I would dress them in at bedtime. I loved those little night time garments-they grew to be symbols of those first memorable days I had with my new precious bundles from heaven, and the first few sweet days of basking in the wonder of each little precious miracle.

I was always so sad to see the day my babies outgrew them. :(

So, a baby gown is what I decided to make.
 Within a few short days, I had it made, and the first rough draft of the pattern written out. It is sized for newborn up to 13 pounds, with ties on the arms and at the bottom. Once their newborn nails are no longer a threat to their little eyes and delicate skin, the ties can be taken out, and the end of the sleeves folded up, if needed or left as is.

I then decided any little girl outfit wouldn't be complete without a special little matching headband to complete it, especially since her auntie makes these beautiful flowers that go so wonderfully well with them!

But could I stop there? Of course not!

I just had to try out that beautiful little Mary Jane Shoe pattern I bought eons ago and still had not made!

And, oh, yes! I just had to try out another original pattern of mine for a bonnet I designed, but this time in a newborn size, here, topped with another "Joli Good Flower"-just to see how it would go.

And then, yes, that's right! She always made sure it was known she wanted a diaper cover for the baby, so why not make it a set? 
And I did.
I can't wait to meet the little one, and see Momma's reaction to the gifts I've made for the baby.

If you like those beautiful flowers, head on over to "Joli Good Flowers" and tell them Vicki sent you!

Joli Good Flowers
(click above)

Have a LOVEly day everyone!
Love all you do, and those you have, with all your heart!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Conference Music Special

Besides Crochet, music is my favorite hobby. I sing, play flute, and dream of being a fairly decent pianist. The church I am a member of hosts a special prophesy conference every year, and for the past few years, we have had the privilege of having it fully recorded, live streamed on the internet, and copied on DVD's and CD's for further viewing. This has been a great blessing to those us of in the choir, as we actually get to hear what we sound like once in a while, and enjoy the fruits of our labors. This is one of the specials we sang at this years conference. Periodically I enjoy going back to listen to it. It is such a joy to be in our church's choir, as we all work in unison for a common goal. I just wanted to share another one of my joys with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as we all enjoy singing it.

Have a LOVEly day everyone!
Love all you do, and those you have, with all your heart!