Sunday, March 4, 2012

Newborn Baby Gown and Then Some

   So, what is the usual reaction when a crocheter or knitter hears of a new baby on the way? They grab their hooks, needles, and yarn, and begin creating, of course!

  And that is just what I did for a young woman at my church who 
 was to have her first baby!
 Well, the baby has just been born, and I cannot take the suspense any more of not sharing my photos of my newest pattern now in the works-inspired by the little miss born last week!

 She will be getting her bag full of goodies I have crocheted for her tomorrow, so hopefully Momma isn't up in the middle of the night tonight, searching the internet for soon to be received gifts from well wishers. My instincts tell me that isn't going to happen, so I think I'm safe sharing this now.

As I thought of what I wanted to make for her, I thought back to my first days at home with my new babies, and memories came to me of those sweet little baby gowns I would dress them in at bedtime. I loved those little night time garments-they grew to be symbols of those first memorable days I had with my new precious bundles from heaven, and the first few sweet days of basking in the wonder of each little precious miracle.

I was always so sad to see the day my babies outgrew them. :(

So, a baby gown is what I decided to make.
 Within a few short days, I had it made, and the first rough draft of the pattern written out. It is sized for newborn up to 13 pounds, with ties on the arms and at the bottom. Once their newborn nails are no longer a threat to their little eyes and delicate skin, the ties can be taken out, and the end of the sleeves folded up, if needed or left as is.

I then decided any little girl outfit wouldn't be complete without a special little matching headband to complete it, especially since her auntie makes these beautiful flowers that go so wonderfully well with them!

But could I stop there? Of course not!

I just had to try out that beautiful little Mary Jane Shoe pattern I bought eons ago and still had not made!

And, oh, yes! I just had to try out another original pattern of mine for a bonnet I designed, but this time in a newborn size, here, topped with another "Joli Good Flower"-just to see how it would go.

And then, yes, that's right! She always made sure it was known she wanted a diaper cover for the baby, so why not make it a set? 
And I did.
I can't wait to meet the little one, and see Momma's reaction to the gifts I've made for the baby.

If you like those beautiful flowers, head on over to "Joli Good Flowers" and tell them Vicki sent you!

Joli Good Flowers
(click above)

Have a LOVEly day everyone!
Love all you do, and those you have, with all your heart!

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