Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Basic Crochet Headband for Baby

   This simple pattern for a basic headband works up quickly, and by following a few simple steps, can easily be adapted for any length and width desired

  The pattern calls for a size G crochet hook and Bernat Baby Sport Yarn for a delicate finished product that is perfect for a newborn, but any sized hook and co-coordinating yarn weight can be used creating varied looks specific to your needs!


Chain a beginning foundation row in multiples of 3,  13" long or to desired length. Join with a slip stitch to the back of the first chain, going through one loop only.  (See figure 1 below)

 **You want to be sure the chain is straitened out when measured, but not stretched to full capacity. This will ensure the headband will fit the size you are intending it to fit, but will also allow room for growth and continued future use. 

Row 1:  
 (Right side)
 Ch 1, hdc in back stitch of next ch, *ch 1, sk 1 ch, hdc in back of next 2 ch; repeat from * around.  Join w/ sl st to top of 1st hdc. (see figure 2)

(figure 1)
Note the 2 hdc's of row 1 and the ch-1, sk-1 sp created as well as the back loops of the foundation chain: The spaces indicated where you are to be working in.

(figure 2)

Note the arrow and hook indicating where to join row 1 together.

Row 2: 
  Sl st into ch-1 sp, ch 2, hdc in same ch-1 sp, *ch 1, 2 hdc in next ch 1 sp; repeat from * around. Join w/ sl st to 2nd ch of beg ch 2. Finish off.

 If you wish to create a wider headband, DO NOT FINISH OFF at this point. Continue to repeat row 2 until your headband is half the desired width, then finish off, making a mental note of the number of times you worked row 2.

Row 3: 
 Turn the headband upside down now so that row 2 is now at the bottom. With right side facing, on the backside of the beginning foundation chain (the unworked side), join yarn w/ sl st in any unworked ch-1 sp. Ch 2, hdc in same ch-1 sp,* ch 1, 2 hdc in next ch-1 sp; repeat from * around. Join w/ sl st to 2nd ch of beg ch 2. Finish off, & weave in all ends.

Your basic 3-row headband should now look like this:

   If you followed row 2 more than once, continue to repeat row 3 at this point the exact number of times as you did for row 2, then finish off & weave in all ends.

 You now have a pretty little headband ready for wear! Leave as is or embellish as desired with crocheted flowers or with flowers such as are pictured here, made by  Joli Good Flowers.

Have a LOVEly day everyone!
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bebe said...

I am going in to make one right after I finish typing this out. Thank you for posting. It looks lovely.

Tina said...

I will make at least one this evening. Many Many thanks for posting this FREE pattern.
May God Bless you and yours.
Kind Regards Tina

Creative Creations by Vicki said...

Thank you ladies. Enjoy!

Frances Alston said...

This is one of the prettiest baby headbands I've seen and I'm thrilled to have the FREE pattern. Thanks!!

Creative Creations by Vicki said...

Oh, thank you! Enjoy it!

SaudiNana said...
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SaudiNana said...

I've made a few headbands for my granddaughters but could never seem to find a decent pattern, so just did basic stitches. This looks exactly like what I was looking for! Thanks! I use Fixations yarn for mine. Soft but stretchy. Just reduce the length by about an inch for the stretch.

Creative Creations by Vicki said...

Yes, I know what you mean. I haven't found a pattern for just what I was looking for either, thus, the creation of this one. I've been wanting to get my hands on some elastic yarn, but just haven't yet. Using some would be perfect for this!

Laura F. said...

I am so excited about this headband pattern and am hoping to get some made today! My 3 precious grandbabies will be getting lots of pretties!!!

Creative Creations by Vicki said...


Anonymous said...

I'm new at crocheting. What does hdc mean?

Creative Creations by Vicki said...

hdc means half double crochet.

Krazy Momma Kreations said...

I have awarded you the Liebster Blog award.

Anonymous said...

Could you please explain how to do a hdc or half double crochet? I'm also new and would like to try this pattern for my new grandbaby girl :-)

Anonymous said...

to half double crochet you yarn over your hook, put it through the loop, and then yarn over again and pull it through the loop you just went in. You should then have 3 loops on your hook. Than wrap the yarn over the hook again and pull it through ALL 3 loops. that's it!

Anonymous said...


Creative Creations by Vicki said...

Sure! I hope I can explain it to you so you will understand, but first, lets review some elementary math (No,seriously) so you will understand what I mean. Multiples of the number three are the numbers 3,6,9,12,15,18,21, and so on, right? It means any number that the number three would divide evenly into.

Ok. Now with that said, here is the next part of my explanation:

Say you wanted the headband to be 13" long. You would begin making chains for the foundation row. Once it got to be about 13", count how many chains you have made. How many are there? Say you had made 40 chains. That wouldn't work, would it? No, because 40 is not a multiple of the number three. So figure...what number is closest to 40 that is a multiple of three? Yes! 39.

So you would pull one chain out, and you now have a foundation chain suitable for the next step in the pattern so it will work out properly.

Does that make sense? Let me know. I hope it helps!

Renee said...

I love this and have been looking for a pattern like this.....thank you so much for sharing the blessing! now my new little granddaughter will be in style!

Creative Creations by Vicki said...

You're welcome! Enjoy. :)

Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

This will be perfect for my friend's new g'baby. Thanks for the pattern.

Louise said...

do you have a print version for this or do I have to cut and paste to make a copy w/o the pics?

Creative Creations by Vicki said...

You will have to copy and paste. Sorry. I am limited to the blog site itself. Thank you for your interest in my pattern, however. :)

DEB said...

I love the pattern for the headband, but I haven't been crocheting long and am wondering - do I turn the work to do the first SL st into the back loop of the chain and does it wind up being a round rather than a row? I didn't turn my work to make my SL st but all my stitches seemed to be ok to the end. However,I am confused about how to join to the first hdc; does this create a round or do I turn my work? (Do I actually fold my work to join to the hdc)? Somehow one end turned out pointed :)

Vicki Plunkett said...

Hi Deb. No, you do not turn the work. You are creating a round, so you are joining the chains you have just made to the first actual chain you created using a sl st. I would have specifically written in to turn the work if I had wanted you to, so no, do not turn the work. As it say, you are to join the last st of the row to the first, using a sl st. Nowhere do you need to fold the work to join it.

Deb said...

Thanks Vicki, for the pattern and for clearing things up a bit for me!