Wednesday, October 19, 2011

These are photos of some recent items I have made and/or designed these past months. Many are up for sale or will be in the near future on my Etsy.

A special request item for my son away at college I finished recently. Isn't he a cutie??!

This bib is an original design of mine-a very popular one that has received a lot of comments concerning a pattern-something I hope to get written up soon for all those who have asked about it.

A larger version of  my "Striped Baby Hat" pattern as featured on ALLFREECROCHET's newsletter and blog. Pattern is available here on my blog, for free.

Click here to read my featured article written for the publication of this hat pattern 

Here is the matching scarf I later made to complete the hat and mittens set for adults

Thick and chunky

An Old Fashioned Hoodie/Scarf designed by me, modeled by my beautiful little daughter
A Colorful rug made with Vanna's Choice Yarns, single crochet double stranded worked in the round. Was made for my daughter with colors of her choosing for her room, but it seems to make it's way around the house! lol. I really love the rug, and need to make more for each room!

Simple ballet style wool slippers designed by me. My favorite!
So simple, yet comfy and warm!

Christmas Stocking for Baby

A Bib for Baby's First Birthday

Pink Shelled Hat for baby-an original design of mine

Another Original design of mine, "Winter Wonderland" in white chunky yarn. Pattern for hat and scarf is for sale on my Etsy. Fingerless gloves pattern not yet available.

  I just love the texture created by these puff stitches!

A sweet matching hat and slipper set for baby

Yarn is pre-patterned and helps create a simple, beautiful article.
Diaper Cover for Baby

Simple, yet so very cute!


Here are a few more photos of the pink baby hat in better lighting:

 Last but not least, a Baby sweater made in variegated pink, brown, and natural yarn.I am sorry the pictures do not do this sweet outfit justice. The variegated colors makes the outfit's colors appear too spotted, but in reality it is a beautiful garment.
 Here, showing the scalloped hat I designed that co-ordinates with the sweater.

So sweet.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Striped Baby Hat
 Made with chunky yarn and a size K US crochet hook, this pattern is especially easy for beginners to follow and end up with great results everytime, but will sure to be a favorite for veteran crocheters alike!  The basic principles in making this adorable hat can easily be applied to the making of an adult sized hat, or any other sized hat with even lighter weight yarn! It is not worked in the round, but rather stitched as a flat piece of fabric using a simple variation of  two basic crochet stitches. The sides are then sewn together, and the hat is gathered at the top. The result is a super stretchy, cute, warm hat! Works up quickly, easily, and is fun to make! 

*The instuctions below are to fit a head circumference of  baby approximately 16"-18.5"  (around 6-12 months).

(To accommodate for a larger sized hat: Simply chain a beginning foundation chain approximately 1 1/3 times the  measurement of the crown to brow, and continue working rows 2 & 3 of the pattern until the desired width of the hat is reached. **Please note that the number of single crochet stitches to slip stitches is approximately 3 to 1, with row 2 always having one more slip stitch than row 1 and the successive repeats of row 3. This allows for the step in the changes of the stitch sizes to be staggered, creating a smoother transition and an overall neater piece.)

Lets Begin!!!

Materials: 1 skein Loops & Threads Charisma Yarn in Mountain Majesty (or any chunky weight acrylic yarn), Size K crochet hook, yarn needle.
Gauge: 6 rows x 6 stitches of back loop single crochet =2"sq
Begin: Chain 24.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 16 chains, slip stitch in last 6 chains, chain 1
Row 2:  Turn, slip stitch in back loop only of same space and in back loop only of next 6 stitches (7 slip stitches total), sc in back loop only of next 16 stitches.

This photo is showing the first slip stitch of a repeat of row 2

Working in the back loop only of a stitch

Front view after yarning over and pulling through back loop only

Top view of the ridges created by working in the back loops only of stitches

Row 3:  Ch 1, turn, sc in back loop only of next 17 stitches, sl st in back loop only of next 6, chain 1

Working a slip stitch in back loop only

A completed slip stitch after having been working single crochets in the row

Working the final slip stitch in the row

The completed slip stitch of the row
After having worked the chain 1 at the end of the row
Turning fabric, ready to begin next row
Top view of garment after having chained 1. Ready to begin new row with slip stitches (repeat row of row 2). The hook will go in the very first space seen here- very evident.

Hook placed in back loop only, to begin 7 slip stitches in next 7 spaces.
Completed first slip stitch for new row.
A completed set of seven slip stitches
First single crochet after seven slip stitches
A completed row working from slip stitches to single crochet

**Repeat rows 2&3 till fabric slightly stretched measures the desired width you wish the hat to be, finishing off with a last row of a repeat of row 2. Finish off, leaving a long enough tail to allow for sewing up the side seam, as well as gathering top of hat.

With right sides together, sew the side seam together stitch for stitch. Secure, but do not cut off excess.

Gather top of hat: Pass yarn and needle through each chain stitch space around entire top of hat.

Needle going in through the chain 1 stitch created at the end of each successive repeat of row 3

Multiple stitches

close up view

Top view

Top of hat ready to gather

Top of hat gathered and secured.

Finished length of hat before pom pom is added.

**Realize the overall length of the hat will diminish a bit once the hat is gathered.** 

Make a pom-pom by wrapping the yarn around two fingers fifty times. Run another piece of yarn behind and through the yarn still on your fingers, and knot it as tightly and securely as possible. Take off fingers, and with scissors, cut through the top of all the loops of yarn to create the pom pom. Trim, and secure to top of hat.

Weave in any ends, as needed.

Chunky, colorful, and full of warm texture

Note the added dimension of design and texture the slip stitch creates, coupled with the back loop stitching, giving the top portion the appearance of a knitted garment.