Sunday, March 27, 2011

My first post

  Ok. So, Facebook seems to have lost it's zest, and some of my "friends" have seem to become less friendly. I can tend to be very talkative at times, and even more so when it comes to the written word. Many don't like that.
    My free time is limited, my outside contact with others very limited, so I took advantage of Facebook and used that as one way for me to not stay isolated. It enabled me to keep in contact, even a bit, with others I would not have the opportunity to otherwise, and also to get to know others a bit more than I would have been able to.
  However, I suspect that I have put up one too many pictures of all my crocheting stuff and my kids on Facebook, and butted into one too many "private" public "conversations" there for all to read.  Lol. I guess I'm  just going to have to start "bragging" on, ie-posting, my kids and crocheting and other things here.
  Crochet websites have lost their savor a bit as well for me. Even ETSY, which I have managed to sell one thing from it in one year. :P
  So, I guess I will begin sharing my patterns and pictures I have and will create, here, for free, despite the dreams I had of making some money on them. I have been asked numerous times for my patterns, and also if I had a blog which I record my patterns and work.  I have developed my love and skills for crocheting because of the many free patterns I have had access to. It would appear I am to give back what I have been blessed with as well, in the same manner, since money to help pay the bills is not falling out of the sky and publishers are not knocking my front door down trying to pursue me because of  my "wonderful" patterns. I will not give up quite so easily, however, on my poetry and music. 
   I suspect this will be my next time consuming task which shall steal my sweet sleep from me from time to time. (and perhaps keep a load or two of laundry sitting a bit longer than desired). 

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