Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just a little something I'd like to try sometime

Another super Sunday in the house of the Lord today! Choir practice, Sunday School, Morning service, choir special, I sang a solo today, a little grocery shopping, came home and made pizza, napped for an hour and a half (slept all of 3 1/2 hours last night), made it to choir practice 1/2 hour late, practiced for an hour in choir, sang soprano in choir today (a great accomplishment for alto is to sing soprano and hit an "F"-I was so happy I actually hit the note), played my flute in the service, listened to a great message from a visiting missionary, practiced a duet with a woman after church, and came home and crocheted as my husband goofed around with my youngest acting all crazy and silly. The house is quiet now, and this is when I tend to let the hours slip by-a quiet home, when you have five kids, is a bit of heaven. But, I need to get in and sleep sometime tonight-I ache all over from lack of sleep and going non stop today (well, almost), but my newest crochet project is calling to me still-I havent spent much time with it today.
It certainly has been a long long while since I've posted anything, however! Life has been busy. Church, home, my kids, husband, and daily life has taken over much of my time, as well as catching up on some crocheting orders and gifts I had to finish, as well as posting many new projects on my Etsy.
  I checked my blog for the first time in what seems forever, and found this beautiful, creative pillow someone had posted. If you click on the link at the top of this post, it will lead you to it). Another creative crochet I'd like to try out sometime in coordinating colors for my room, (I've been wanting to make a pillow or two to sit on my bed, but I fail to be inspired by what I see for ideas for such, and I am not spending any extra brain power in the thoughts of such a thing, as I have so many other things I need to be thinking on instead) so i thought I would share it here, so I will always know where it is, if the day ever arises that I decide to make something for myself.
  Another busy day tomorrow. Getting my hair done-YAY! and I  have a flute lesson to give, as well as a busy day of shopping and cleaning and schooling my daughter a bit. Mondays are usually my "day of rest", as Sundays are no day of rest to me, being as active as I am in church, but a few changes had to be made for my day tomorrow. Oh well. Perhaps Tuesday I can "rest" a bit.
  Well, Im off to sleepy land soon, but first, I need to go work a bit more on a 12 month old size sweater before retiring for the night.
  Good night you all. Pleasant dreams.

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