Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Lovely Little Afghan

 As I browsed through my inbox today, I came across this sweet little blanket in a crochet newletter. I thought for a simple, traditional blanket, it is rather cute. But what caught my attention was the fact that she, just as many of us, hates joining a multitude of lonely sqaures together at the end of every project that seems to be getting close to completion. (Ha!)  Having worked this similar method before, I thought to myself-"Now why didn't I think of that!" She "joins" the squares together, making each square as she goes, using an interlocking method. The result is a blanket with separately defined colors and blocks, without all the fuss and hassle of having to work them together using traditional "granny square" joining!

PS- Don't you just LOVE the doilies?!

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