Saturday, February 25, 2012

Burning the wick at both ends

    It is winter here in New England, but what a winter we have had! Very mild, sunny days, and two snow falls that have amounted to about an inch! It feels almost like winter in Arizona rather than Rhode Island, but who's complaining?  Not I! Last year we were bombarded with large storm after storm-so much so that my entire winter grocery shopping schedule seems to have revolved around when the next storm was going to hit! I love the beauty of the snow, but I certainly enjoy not having to bundle up with hat, thick heavy coat, and gloves each time I just want to step outside!

       It is staying lighter out longer now, and for that I am thankful for! Oh how I love the sunshine and blue skies and hearing birds twittering amongst themselves, which has already started this year, as has the premature growth of crocus' popping through the gardens around my home.

    My days are spent homeschooling my daughter and crocheting, my evenings crocheting in my big cozy chair as my family relaxes together and watches old time shows and movies late into the night. My husband is seasonally unemployed this year, and it is nice to have time to just hang out and do nothing with him for once in our married life. Most of the kids are grown, save one child-Bethy-who is ten, and my husband has worked 6-7 days a week most of our married life. Most recently, the past five years or so averaging 65 hours a week. that doesn't leave much time for just hanging out and enjoying eachother's company. So, we are taking advantage of it while we can, and making up for lost time.

Here is a new afghan I made for my son who is away at Bible college studying church ministries and music. It was finally finished a few short weeks ago after laboring at it for 9 months off and on.  Made with half double crochet with a size H hook, one row seemed to be endless to me! I created patterns with various colored yarns from Vanna's Choice, Caron's One pound, and Red Heart. From light to dark colors and shades and back again, there is a definite pattern throughout, and is repeated only three times throughout the entire afghan. It measures approximately 6' x 6 1/2': Plenty big for wrapping your self up in, and acting as a great throw on a full or queen size bed in the future.

Here is a picture of  him with another love gift I made for him recently at college. We may grow up, but there is always still a little child in each of us.

        February 21 marked my third child's birthday. He turned 20. Wow!  My two oldest now having their own Momma-made-blankies, it was time to start on his. I took him out yarn shopping-for which he tried desperately to hide as I pulled him through the isles to where the yarn was. This is the pattern and colors her chose for his blanket, which again is 6 feet wide. The yarns are Caron one pound and Red Heart in Spring Green. His favorite color is green-must be the Irish in him. I am thankful he chose this pattern-made with long double crochet, it will still be thick and warm, especially because I am using a smaller hook than the yarn calls for, but it also is made with long double crochet stitches, so finishing one row doesn't seem to take forever and it shouldn't take nine months to complete it, either!

Here is a picture of my Irish boy upon his graduation.
What a handsome boy.

  Lastly, here is another project I have been partially working on. I have been teaching a group of ladies at my church how to crochet, and we have been working on a -SSSHHH- surprise gift for our Pastor and his wife. This is the finished blanket for her, and his is partially complete. His is made following the same pattern but with two shades of blue, a tan, brown, and natural. The ladies and I make the squares, and then I  weave in the ends to make sure all is well, sew the squares together,  and add the boarder. I so would like to make one for myself someday. Isn't it beautiful?

 Have a LOVEly day. Love all you do, and those you have, with all your heart!

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