Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Country Coverlet

Country Coverlet

 "A Pineapple?" Yes, a pineapple.

This Country Coverlet is my full-sized version of my 
"Heirloom Coverlet for Baby" 
(Seen below)

My "Country Coverlet" needed a special touch for its beginnings. Because the center needed to be rather large, and I could not duplicate the center of the baby blanket to the extent and size needed for this blanket, I thought on what else to put in the center. I thought back to a pineapple sketch I had designed a while back and decided it finally found it's calling. 

So, again, why the pineapple? Well, at one time, in the Caribbean, Europe, and North America, the pineapple came to be associated with the return of ships from extended voyages. Consequently, it became an emblem of welcome and warmth and hospitality that made its way into contemporary art and has stayed there. 

When I thought of this blanket completed, I easily imagined one of its uses as a warm, welcoming center piece to be displayed upon guest beds in people's homes as well as at Bed and Breakfast's. 

This afghan is only partially complete right now. Presently it sits atop a queen sized bed, and when completed, the cabled edges will reach the edges of the bed, followed by 6-8" of draping shells that will fall along three sides of the bed. 

What can you envision in the center of your blanket?!


Have a LOVEly day!

Love all you do, and those you have, with all your heart!

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