Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back to college

Last night I had another opportunity to sing a duet at church for a music special with my oldest son, Aaron. Its always a blessing when I do get to sing with my sons. He had come home for a semester in January to work and save up some more money to pay off some of his school bill before going on with his studies, and it has been very nice having him home again for these months. Last night was a bittersweet thing, however, as he has just announced he is going back in May to stay at the college, and work his old job where they will be giving him many, many hours. He will also be the grounds keeper at the college now as well, and the hours he puts in as such will be directly applied to his bill. Besides all that, he was informed the mens quartet so needs him. Lol. I know he always loves to hear that, and I know it is so true, too. He's so talented. It is always a blessing to see the Lord working in our kids lives, and to know that there are good, loving, caring people involved in our children's lives after they leave home, who are willing to care for them and love them and help them along for God's glory. This college is one such case. I am so thankful that my son loves it there, and is cared for and looked after like a son by these men at New England Baptist College and Central Baptist Church in  Connecticut. I am also thankful he had the opportunity to come home at this time in our lives, and be around while my husband healed all these months from his surgery in November, and share in all the hours we had as a family hanging around and enjoying eachother's company as we have these past months. I will miss him all over again, and need to readjust, once again, to him being away from home, but it is where he feels he needs to be, and that is fine. I am hoping my son Sean will be willing to step up to the plate and be my next music special "buddy".  He is another story on musical talent....

This is Sean on the Grand Piano as we practice an instrumental special at our church. He also has a beautiful voice.

Well, I'm going to miss you Aaron, but you need to be where you feel led. Love you kiddo.

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