Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Think Big, Pray Hard, and Finish Well"

   I have been crocheting for just about a year and a half now, after having learned as a teenager. I only made two simple afghans back then, and once married, all my creative energies went into raising my five children-all full of boundless, crazy, creative energy themselves. I have home schooled them for 14 years out the 21 years they have been around, and I still do.
  My oldest two have graduated-both sharp minded, quick witted, and extremely bright. One is pursing a degree in music-with a concentration in voice, coupled with church ministries. The other, having worked towards a restaurant managerial career, is moving back home to work and save money to pursue a degree in Creative Writing-her talent and long time dream. Having placed in the top 3% of the Nation on the ACT test in all the Literature/Language/writing, I know she will do well in her studies, and rise to great heights in whatever she purposes to do with her writing.
  My third is graduating this year, and will stay at home for a year to work before heading off to Bible College for a one year  Bible Certificate before deciding what he will do next. Another creative and talented kid, he possesses an amazing ability to play piano, as well as sing.
  I will be homeschooling my last two children  probably till they graduate as well. It is a privilege and a great blessing to be a stay at home mom, and share in the lives and laughter and love of my children as I do. It can be tough, challenging, tiring, and downright discouraging at times, but it is well worth it all as I fulfill my God given role as a wife and mother.
   However, now that I have a little time on my hands (literally) I am seeking to pursue making money as a homeschooling, stay at home mom with my addiction to crocheting. :)
   I am purposing-as part of my crochet business-to venture out into the world of teaching and design, Lord willing. A big order to fill, and may take some time for me and my limited time and energies-but I think it is something  that would keep me focused, challenged, content, and busy for a while. I also think rising to such a challenge and finishing well with it would be very rewarding. "Think big, pray hard, and you'll finish well" is the way I choose to live. :)

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