Sunday, May 22, 2011

Its been a while

  So, ya, I've been a bit busy these past few weeks since my last post. Had a few crochet orders to fill, a granny square afghan to repair (took like 10 hours!!), a wedding gift to make (which I never have finished yet), a wedding to prepare for and play my flute at, and attended a two day ladies Seminar which our church hosted to about 300 ladies, at which I sang, played my flute in, and served the luncheon at. I am continuing to  homeschooling my nine year old. Also, throughout this time,  my oldest son moved out of the house and went back to college simultaneously as my second oldest child moved back in, due to her friends new husband  taking her place in the townhouse.

  Well, the whether has finally begun to show some resemblance of spring around here, although only periodically, but the flowers are out and the grass is finally green and full. Its been very cool for this time of year, but I am not complaining. I love to cuddle up under an afghan on a cool night.

Welcome Spring!


This is one little guy I have had a few orders on already which I have made recently.
Grant the Giraffe is 17" X 13", can sit, stand, and loves to be cuddled!! Too cute!

Here are a few pictures I have so far of our Seminar at our church:

Us ladies singing a music special. I am the third from the left to right. Isn't our church beautiful?

Here I am with a sweet young lady from the church, Suzie. We're just about ready to begin playing the prelude before the Seminar begins. Isn't she beautiful?  We have so much fun playing and practicing together.

Here is a closer picture of myself (on the right) and two friends of mine as we sing one of our music specials.

   We had such a wonderful weekend. The time always goes by way too fast, but we always walk away from them blessed to have been a part of them. :)


   Last but not least before I retire... the wedding of a friend of the family. Here are a few pictures so far-just a few of two of my boys, but they are nice pictures, so I'll brag a moment on them by putting the pictures here of them. Once the professional pictures are finished, I know there will be a few more nice ones to add.

My son, Tim, and his girl friend.

Sean and his little buddy-a nephew of the bride.

Again, Tim and his girl friend. Cute.

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