Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

  A beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I am here, on my computer, at twelve thirty in the afternoon, still in my PJ's, trying to finish my first coffee.

So much to do, so many ideas racing through my mind!!

I think I will take a few hours, take my youngest outside,  pray, read my Bible, sit in the warmth of the Spring Sun, re-write my goals and to do's for the future, and enjoy the beauty of God's creation for the day-before my husband and boys get home from junk yard shopping for a car hood, and disturb the quietness I now am enjoying. A re-focusing is needed for me, and to get proper direction as to just how I should go about in the days ahead.

Homeschooling my daughter and of course house work and caring for my family is top on the list. Then there is Vacation Bible Time, which I will be teaching at next month. Then there is teaching the ladies Sunday
School class, which I will be starting to teach again soon. Then there is the ladies Seminar at the end of this month, and music specials to prepare for as well. Tomorrow I will be singing a special with my son  for mothers day at church, before he heads back off to the college at the end of next week where he will live and work for the summer. Then there is my third child's graduation and party to think about and plan.
Then there is my daughter's friend's Wedding next Saturday-the Ceremony at which I will be playing my flute at, and another one of my sons singing at. We just got the music from her yesterday (ugg), I still need to contact the pianist, and get together with her to practice the songs. :/   All the while I have a million Crochet projects I have flying in my head that I just want to sit and make, future craft fairs I want to begin planning for and working on, and a few Granny Square Afghans I need to begin fixing in conjunction with my first video tutorial I will be putting together.

Here is a picture of the beginnings of a gift I am making for the bride to be. I will be adding hopefully something sheer and sexy and flowing to finish it up as a baby doll nightie. So, then there is fabric shopping to do as well. I ended up making it a bit too wide, not using the proper size hook (Duh me, thinking I could wing it-I dislike crocheting with super small hooks-way too time consuming for me!!!) so now I will have to be adding an elastic to the top to make it fit. So much for saving time!!  Perhaps it will work out better, (I hope it will!!!!), thus allowing stretch for comfort (she is a well endowed girl), and it will allow for a bit of room for growth in future years if need be.(Having babies can do a number on any sized bust, especially on ones that are blessed to begin with!)
  My husband commented on it, and said it was real pretty, which says a lot, as he is not one to throw out compliments or praise too freely. The picture really doesn't do the look justice. I want to make one for me next!

Yesterday my daughter came to visit with an early Mother's Day gift for me. Knowing she dislikes my taste in certain things makes me appreciate all the more the fact that she picked out this gift for me. Pink and flowers and roses are not her taste at all. Here is the Mix and Match Tea Set she found at a quaint little Second-Hand Country Gift Shop a few towns over from where we live. I just love things like this, with all their own unique charm.

  She knows that over the 22 years, raising her and her brothers and sister have caused a great loss to me of anything pretty and breakable, up till perhaps 7 years ago, when they all began to grow up a bit more, and be more in control of their playful, energetic spirits. It all started with my oldest at age 2, when he tried climbing my Curio Cabinet chock full of Crystal and china and such. He was fine after it toppled over. However, the case and all that resided in it did not fare quite so well. Thus, lacking dainty knick knacks strewn about the house became my plight,  replaced with toys, crayons,  rubber balls, stuffed toys, and anything child play worthy for years.
  I have been able to begin building up my treasured trinkets and such again, but slow is the go, and the use of money is limited and goes towards obviously daily needs, bills, tithing, and school books and classes for the kids. So, her little gift is much appreciated, and loved. :)

Well, to the beautiful outdoors and to clear my head. The blue sky is calling.....

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