Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 Once upon a time I remember thinking it seemed I would never see the day I got to sleep through the night, sleep in late on a Saturday, or have a quiet house other than when the kids were sleeping! And as exhausting as the kid's early years were, through pictures, I can look back and relive those precious days and see them grow all over again-without sleep deprivation! I can savor their smiles, hear their laughter, and feel their love and hugs once again as I view the photos, simply because of the love I have stored away forever in my heart for each of them.

Bethy and Rachael three or so years ago

Yes, some of them are still at home, but their early years are embedded in my heart, and pictures easily bring fond memories back to life again for me.

Timothy and Sean with Daddy many moons ago!

Once I realized the possibility that my husband may be very sick, I made an account with Animoto, and I plan on scanning every picture I have ever loved of my children, my husband, and me, and make video after video of all our special memories, in case some day that is all we have left.
Here are a few 30 second clips of what I have made in the past before I purchased the subscription for full length videos.
 I think you'll agree with me that my children are beautiful.
But then again, I may just be a bit partial to them.


Me and my oldest, Aaron, a few years back.

 Click here to view another short video

 I hope you enjoy these few short clips.
Hopefully soon there will be more!


Have a LOVEly day everyone!
Love all you do, and those you have, with all your heart!

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