Monday, May 14, 2012

Pray with me

    What a blessed thought to know our Lord has our lives safely in His hands, and that He knows what tomorrow holds, and has all the answers ahead of time. Never are we left to ourselves or our own devises, never to our own feeble, limited ability, or our limited, blinded thoughts and reasonings. Step by step He leads, directs, comforts, and guides.

  The end of this month my husband will be going in for a liver biopsy. Two weeks later we will know the results. I pray for peace for my five young children, and strength for myself and husband as we await the procedure, the results, and the year long treatments he will be having for his condition. No matter how "dark" a situation may seem, my Lord is always with me through each valley and trial, lighting the way one step at a time.

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CRSisters said...

We pray for total healing and restoration for your husband. We will also pray for peace for your children and for you, along with asking Holy Spirit to be your comforter during this season. May God bless you every day during this time.