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Cross Bookmark

Cross Bookmark

   This pattern was re-created by me for my friend, Galye. One day at our crochet group at our church, Gayle brought in a lovely cross bookmark she had found in her Grandmothers Bible, wanting to know if I knew where I could find the pattern. I searched high and low on the internet for such a pattern and could not find one for free-or otherwise-anywhere. So, I  re-created the pattern. We were looking to make these bookmarks for a seminar we will be holding at our church in the spring, and because I could not even find an image of the pattern anywhere for sale, I went ahead, made the pattern, and am posting it here for free for those of you who would make these bookmarks for gifts or for yourself, but not for sale. I am unsure of the origin of the pattern, although I know it is a very old, traditional item to be crocheted, and the pattern most likely is not bound by any copyright.

Special Stitches 

Shell: (3 dc, ch2, 3 dc) in space indicated
Picot: (sc, ch2, sl st in 1st ch, sc) in stitch indicated

Special Pattern Works:

Ending Row: turn, ch 6, sc in ch-2 of shell, ch 5, join to 3rd ch og beginning turn ch 3 of previous row.
Outer Corner Boarder: In the ch 6 sp work: 2 sc, picot IN the 3rd st of the ch 6-sp, then 3 more sc in the same ch-6 sp, picot in the sc.
  Then, in the ch-5 sp work: 3 sc, picot in the 3rd ch of the ch-5 sp, then 2 more sc in the ch-5 sp.


My second trial cross as I wrote out the pattern. There are errors in it, such as it is missing one picot stitch on the lower right portion of the cross-duh me! And half of the picots are actually ch-2's until I remembered they were supposed to be picot stitches-double duh! But, this is a more accurate photo than the above one, to get an idea of what you are making. Lord willing, tomorrow there will be a perfectly formed, lovely picture in the place of these two somewhat amature-ish, less than perfect ones here now.

***Note-I used size 3 crochet cotton thread and a size 0 hook to produce the above two bookmarks. They are a bit too large. therefore I recommend using a thinner thread and smaller hook. Once I have the opportunity to use smaller thread and hook, I will update with more pertinent information. But, if you crochet & have thread, have fun!!!

Top Portion of the Cross
1. (RS) Ch4, join w/ sl st to 1st ch (circle formed), ch 3, (2dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in center of circle.
2. Turn, ch 3, shell in ch-2 sp, dc in 3rd ch of turning ch.
3-4. Repeat row 2
5. Work "Ending Row". Finish off.

Bottom Portion of Cross
1. RS facing, join thread to last of row, ch3 shell in row 1 beginning circle, dc in 3rd ch of beginning ch-3 of row 1.
2. Turn, ch3, shell in ch-2 sp, dc in 3rd ch of turning ch.
3-7. Repeat row 2.
8. Work "Ending Row". Finish off.

Right Arm of Cross
1. RS facing, join in to the last dc in row 2 of the bottom portion of the cross, ch1, shell in space between beginning rows 1 & 1 of top & bottom portions, sl st in last dc of row 2 of top portion of cross.
2. Turn, ch3, shell in ch-2 sp, dc in 1st dc of row 1
3. Turn, ch3, shell in ch-2 sp, dc in 3rd ch of turning ch-3
4. Work "Ending Row". Finish off.

Left Arm of Cross
1. RS facing, join into the last dc of row 2 of top portion of the cross, ch 1,shell into the sp created between rows 1&1 of top and bottom portions, ch 1, sl st in last dc of row 2 of bottom portion.
2. Turn, ch 3, shell in ch-2 sp, dc in  joining st of row 1
3. Turn, ch 3, shell in ch-2 sp, dc in 3rd ch of turning ch-3 of row 3.
4 Work "Ending Row". DO NOT finish off.

Ch 1.
*In next st that "Connects" the outer perimeter stitch to the shell work "Picot", 2 sc in ch-3 sp, picot in "connecting" stitch, 2 sc in ch-3 sp, sc in corner st, [2sc in ch-3 sp, picot in "connecting" stitch] 2x, work "Outer Corner Boarder" 
Repeat from * 1x as written.
Repeat from * again, 2 more times following the same principal of the pattern, making the needed adjustments in the patterned stitch count in order to cover the entire perimeter of the lower arm of the cross.
End with the final working of the "Corner Boarder",  join w/ sl st, finish off. 
Weave in any ends not crocheted over as you worked your piece.

Cut a separate piece of thread 18" long, knot two loose ends together & attach to top of cross in center of picot stitch. Add tassel or beads or charm if desired to the end.

   Have a LOVEly day!
Love all you do, and those you have, with all your heart!



Lee Ann said...

I love this cross bookmark and I love the way you have your corners "Squared" with the picots a placed at the corners on the top, bottom and arms or this cross. It gives it a very nice look.
Lee Ann

Crochet...Gotta Love It! Blog

Landon's Nannie said...

My husband had heart bypass surgery in July. The night before his surgery, a retired minister who'd had a heart cath that day, gave us each a small crocheted cross that his daughter had made for him to give out. My husband clung to that cross all nite, and still had it in his hand when they took him down to surgery. When we told our pastor about it, he said he'd like to have some to give out, so some of us have been making them. Will give this pattern a try. Thanks for sharing!

Betsy said...

Needed a cross pattern for my Mother and a group of ladies at her church who make prayer shawls. Each shawl has a cross and a note pinned to them for the person who receives the shawl. The ministers and the group of ladies pray over each shawl once completed before it goes to the recipient, usually someone who is suffering from a long term illness. Someone had been making crosses for them and sending them, but this person is no longer able to do so. I have never been great at crocheting, but hope to be able to decipher this as it fits perfectly for what they need. Thank you for your giving heart and willingness to share such a beautiful pattern.