Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ten-Point Trivet Pattern

Well, hello!!!!

Yup, I'm at it again: It is late, everyone is asleep, and I am up on this thing I call my mock newborn-my newest sleep deprivation instrument in my life. Can you relate?

 I really don't know why I am up doing this, other than I really really really want to share this striking pattern a dear woman I met on Facebook has posted in her blog.

Up till 4 am last night with my youngest daughter throwing up for five hours strait, I woke up late this morning, groggy, tired, and disoriented for most of the day. Then I ended up missing church and spending the entire night de-cluttering and re-organizing my homeschool/craft room-something which I had begun the day before and planned on doing earlier in the day, but couldn't due to brain malfunction. I needed to finish it up before it drove me absolutely crazy.

So, It's now 2 am.
 Why am I up still???

 One of my lovely sons, (no really, he is-they all are) having been out all day with his brother working on our "new" work/plow truck, came home from working, showered, went to church, hung out there for two hours working on a sermon with the youth pastor, went out for D&D coffee, came home, took his girlfriend home a while later, came home again, and then decided he needed to do a load of wash so he would have clean clothes for the morning when he goes out painting which he just found out about he was doing.

 (Calgon, take me away!!)

 Seeing he had been up for 21 hours already, and had to get up early tomorrow morning, I sent him to bed and told him I would wait out the dryer to finish before I went to sleep. 

Never trust those dryers-they just can't be trusted, you know.

 Well, the dryer has finished, and just as it does, I find the pattern for this beautiful thing I've been eyeballing for a while.

So, what do I do?
Certainly NOT go to sleep.
No, I get on my FB page, post this pattern, and then continue to go to my blog here, and do the same.

And of course, being half delusional as I am right now, what do I do? Just what I'm doing-chatting nonesense in the midst of this blog making you wonder why you are even reading this in the first place.
 (I promise you, I wont do this again -writters block certainly has no hold on me tonight!)

So, with no further a-do (Yay!!!!!) and so I can get some sleep finally, (double yay!!!) here it is:

Wasn't it worth the wait reading all that nothingness???? 
 (This is where you are supposed to say "yes!")

This Ten-Point Trivet pattern comes with a few variations, and is simply a stunning piece.
Wouldn't you agree?
(Again, this is where you are supposed to say "Yes!")

A wonderful pattern to make in festive colors to compliment all your holiday and special entertaining!

Well, enough said! I am off to dreamland for a few hours!

 Have a LOVEly day!
Love all you do, and those you have, with all your heart!


Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

Yes. It's lovely. I'm sorry you couldn't sleep, but glad to see you were productive. :)

Creative Creations by Vicki said...

Thank you carol. Enjoy the pattern. :)

Letterboxes said...
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